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Wholesale Sterling Silver Rings

Wholesale Sterling Silver Jewelry Rings

Wholesale Sterling Silver Rings 01
Wholesale Sterling Silver Rings 01

   Silver rings are the highly demanded rings in the wholesale sterling silver rings variety

   Due to the durability and strength of  Wholesale Sterling Silver Rings, it makes an ideal alloy to be used for the manufacture of rings. Not only that, a silver ring is comparatively more affordable than any other metallic jewelry such as platinum or gold. People have long been using different metals to create their items of jewelry which also includes lead, copper and gold obviously. But silver stands to be the most valuable material to fashion jewelry, especially sterling silver rings which are easily available on a low cost.

Wholesale Sterling Silver Rings 02
Wholesale Sterling Silver Rings 02

    Every silver ring or other silver jewelry pieces are plated with a silver coating of .925 fine silver.

     This is done at the end of the formation and the process of coating silver is called flashing. This provides the jewelry with its shiny and silvery finish which makes it attractive and appealing to the eye. A few designers choose to plate their pieces with other metal coating such as rhodium, nickel or copper. After which they use .999 fine silver as a last layer of plating. The purpose of it is to give finishing and expensive touches to their jewelry and make the silver more prominent. 

Wholesale Sterling Silver Rings 03
Wholesale Sterling Silver Rings 03

    One of the most agreeable benefit of sterling silver rings is that it is suitable for all skin types, especially people with sensitive skin.

    Often women with highly sensitive skin complain about jewelry that irritates their skin and leaves behind rashes and spots. But since a silver rings are coated with fine and genuine silver the chances of such skin irritations are almost none.
The strong coating also acts as a protective shield on the jewelry and prevents it from tarnishing and decolorizing over the passing of time. 

    If you ever want to buy yourself a fancy looking ring that is not too hefty, remember to try out one of the elegant and sophisticated wholesale sterling silver rings.


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