Tips to purchasing an engagement ring

You have been planning an out-of-the-world proposal that’ll forever stick to the minds of you and your partner. Want to know the secret to this? Buy the right ring. Buying the correct engagement ring for your proposal is a very vital purchase decision in both of your lives.

You cannot overemphasize the emotional attachment or bond that comes from a proposal with the proper ring. The key to buying the proper piece for this moment of yours is choosing something that your partner would cherish, respect, adore, and be proud to show off. engagement ring

However, you are still confused about how to get that ring that meets all those specifications. We can help. Here are a few things to consider when buying an engagement ring to get the best bang for your buck.

Tips to purchasing an engagement ring

engagement ring

Consider Your Budget

In a campaign by De Beers’ during the Great Depression, they ran ads urging men that to be gentlemen, they must spend a lot on proposal rings. Specifically, a month’s salary. During the 1980s it’s was increased to two months. Nowadays, the rule of thumb that’s mostly practiced is that at least three month’s salary should go when purchasing a proposal ring.

The truth is, these are just marketing strategies to extort money from you. There aren’t any regulations or hard or fast rules on the amount you should spend on a ring for an engagement.
Focusing on your partner’s likes and dislikes is key to getting the perfect ring for her.

For example, some women prefer smaller inexpensive diamonds. Some don’t even fancy the idea of a diamond at all. Shelling out thousands of dollars to purchase a diamond ring for someone that dislikes diamond will be underappreciated.

So prefer the vintage or second-hand route, while most are satisfied with the plain band à la Amanda Seyfried. In short, getting the most expensive ring in the store isn’t the goal. The goal is to get the best for her inside your budget.

engagement ring

Research her style

Every woman has her eccentric style and taste. Always try choosing a ring that appeals to her specific taste without breaking your bank. However, you don’t want to confront her, asking what kind of ring she likes. You must strategically research her style to get one she’ll love at first sight.

Try to see what kinds of jewelry she’s most inclined to wear? Is she always wearing diamond-plated ornaments? Will she rather have gold or silver? Does she have a favorite jewel, is there this jewel that is not special to her but wears always? Like a birthstone? engagement ring

Does she wear more simple jewelry or heavily decorated showy items? Consider her personality. Is she the reticent type who doesn’t really like being noticed? Get her something simple. If she’s the outspoken and showy girl who loves showing off, you should also try to get something that goes with her personality.

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Select the correct metal for the band

Selecting the metal for the band is fundamental to the overall look of the ring. Over the years, platinum and white gold have been the most popular metal bands for engagement rings. They possess a sleek modern look and are a superb choice for diamonds in the colorless to near-colorless Ranges-D through J on the GIA color scale grade., bringing out the diamond’s colorless nature.

If your partner loves golden colors, consider that the white metal is mostly combined into yellow gold bands to contrast the diamond. Rose gold with its warm and soothing appearance is the engagement ring of choice from the late 1930s to the 1950s.

You should have a detailed understanding of the diamond’s shape, cutting style, and cut quality before you begin shopping for your engagement ring to get the best value for your money. The shape is the diamond outline when viewed face-up.

There are various diamonds shapes, with some popular ones including marquise, pear, oval, rectangle, square, and heart. However, round diamonds are the most popular engagement rings over the years. They look naturally beautiful, making most people believe that it’s the original shape of diamonds.

The arrangement of the facets is known as the cutting style. The standard cutting style, which is also the most popular, has an arrangement of 57/58 facets. Others include the emerald cut and radiant cut. engagement ring

engagement ring

Select the correct color

Diamonds and colorful gemstones don’t follow the same grading scale. The hue, hardness, and color saturation should be your focus while shopping because they collectively affect a stone’s value.
Gems with colors like thick red in rubies are more expensive.

You should also choose hard stones for your engagement ring, as fragile gemstones can barely survive the test of time. They can’t withstand frequent pressure, and we’re like stronger gemstones.
Cut quality is how the facets interact with lights.

It doesn’t matter if diamonds have the same shape and size style; they can differ in girdle thickness, polish, size, and symmetry. These differences will affect the appearances and their cut quality.

Decide on the details.

Sometimes, obvious things like the cut quality, metal band, or color won’t save the day. Your creativity matters too; you’re the one proposing, not the ring.Your ring doesn’t have to be like that of  everyone else’s. You can always add a bit of flair and extra touch to make things stand out. You may want a birthstone added next to the center diamond to make it look unique.

You might not want all that fancy stuff. Not everyone does. But you could consider adding a sentimental phrase or even a simple message to your love. It could be anything. Even the smallest detail can make the difference.


Buying an engagement ring can look easy if you’re not the person in question. When it’s your turn to get one, you’ll notice how difficult it is to get the perfect ring for your partner.
This article can help. Here, we’ve outlined five tips for purchasing the perfect engagement ring for your partner to make your proposal stand out.

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