Superstar of Hollywood star’s most jewelry styles

With flashy heavy necklaces on the red carpet accompanied with diamond rings, sometimes fashion tones itself down to affordable things as well. You’d be surprised to know that many actresses do not wear diamond rings daily but sometimes like keeping it casual with jewelry pieces that may just be affordable for the everyday woman. Superstar of Hollywood

Superstar of Hollywood star’s most jewelry styles

Superstar of Hollywood

The red carpet look

The events that include a red carpet are deemed to be the most essential in the industry, and they always have the highest-paid celebrities walking their stride—Bling here bling there.
These dresses and statement jewelry pieces are freehand picked by designers and are our onto the actor or the celebrity with an extensive amount of care.

Most of the time, such huge pieces are not even bought by the celebrity wearing them but are rather insured by the company and taken out just for this one specific day. These companies sometimes hire security just to keep the jewel safe and sound during the entire program.

Mentioned below are a few of the most iconic jewelry pieces worn on the red carpet. Superstar of Hollywood

Superstar of Hollywood

Kate Winslet

To start the timeline off, let’s head back to the good days when corona did not exist, and every exclusive event was carried in all its beauty. In 2010 Kate Winslet wore a stunning piece of jewelry around her neck. This was a Tiffany and co diamond necklace which was paired with diamond earrings and a bracelet. Superstar of Hollywood

Flaunting this beautiful piece of jewelry, she, of course, did not hold back on being dressed in one of the most stunning Yves Saint Laurent gowns. The entire cost of the jewelry came around of being 3 million dollars alone. The dress, of course, was not priced, but it certainly paid its compliments with the decedent pieces of jewelry she wore.

Superstar of Hollywood

Angelina Jolie

Moving on to the excellent actress who played her part in the movie Maleficent as the character herself, Angelina Jolie, wore a beautiful set of emerald earrings and a ring. This was paired with a beautiful black gown, giving a hint of the character itself.

Though this was worn in 2009 at the Oscars, it gave away a little more to the future than it should have. This pairing cost a whopping 3.5 million dollars but was worn by the gorgeous woman herself; these sets did pay their compliments to the whole outlook. Superstar of Hollywood

Superstar of Hollywood

Nicole Kidman

Talking about luxury, Nicole Kidman has been a part of the industry for a good amount of time, and she has bought and invested her money the right way. In 2008 Nicole Kidman showed up at the Oscars wearing a beautiful black gown with a pretty peppy hairdo, but this was not the center of attention for the crowd.

Nicole was wearing a beautiful ensemble of diamonds, 7600 to be exact. She wore a layering necklace which was custom-made by the excellent L’Wren Scott. This took a good amount of time, 6,200 hours to be exact. This was a stunning statement, and the price tag was just as spectacular, costing a good 7 million dollars. Superstar of Hollywood

Everyday wear

Coming down to everyday wear, you may want to set your prices a lot more to the normal price range. Women of the industry have started to become casually styled. The jewelry they wear is a lot more affordable, and it is easily available to the people who read this. Their everyday wear and choices are listed below. They might just be the simple additions you need to your life.

Superstar of Hollywood

Gigi Hadid

She’s a fashion model who has been styled by some of the most expensive designers in the world. She has been bathed in luxury and has pulled it off effortlessly. She has been an icon for many, but alas, she likes keeping it casual. Recently Gigi had been seen wearing a casual outfit and paired it with a cute pair of dazzling earrings. Superstar of Hollywood

These were a $42 pair by Baublebar. They sparkle enough to balance the outfit but not make it extensively too gaudy for the everyday casual look. This link below may help you get something close to what she wore. Of course, you could buy the original pair earning directly from the Baublebar site. Superstar of Hollywood

Superstar of Hollywood

Jasmine Tookes.

Jasmine Tookes is also a part of the fashion industry and is a well-known Victoria’s Secret model. She has been book in commercials since 2010 and has even sat down with Oprah Winfrey. She’s claimed to have extremely soft skin, and her beautiful skin tomes were matched with hold hoops which are beautiful and affordable for any woman looking to spice things up in a more classy way.

Tookes choice of earrings were chunky small gold hoops which cost a mere $45. This link below will lead you to a few choices of chunky earrings which may be great for you. Superstar of Hollywood

Superstar of Hollywood

Bella Hadid.

Bella Hadid is the sister of Gigi Hadid, and she is beautiful. A dainty woman who has the right fashion sense no matter where she goes. She has been a part of the fashion industry for a good amount of time and has landed great deals in major fashion brands. Superstar of Hollywood

She was recently seen wearing huge hoops which were light enough to not be too much, but we’re big enough to be seen in every picture from that day. These pairs of hoops cost Bella $70. They’re affordable but linked below are almost the same pair which can be bought for a lot cheaper. Though it may not exactly be the same thing, look pretty similar. Superstar of Hollywood

Final Verdict:

These are a few of our top picks from the red carpet and daywear essentials that can amp up your outfit within seconds. So what are you waiting for? Head on and get the best items that you like!

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The walk of fame brings eyes to its characters. Superstar of Hollywood There are so many things that the Hollywood industry follows, and let’s fall through as time passes, but there are things that remain an essential part of the conversation. Be of them is jewelry.

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