How to price your jewelry?

Pricing jewelry is not an easy task, especially for newbies in this field. Pricing not only tells you about the profit but also helps your jewelry speak about its quality. There are specific formulas for knowing the price of your jewelry.

Once you are done estimating the ultimate price of the jewelry pieces, you can quickly adapt them based on your market. Have a look at the detailed guide on how to price your jewelry

How to price your jewelry?


Try calculating the initial price

Keep a complete record of the amount of money you spent on designing the jewelry. Price the entire item utilized in designs. For instance, you need to consider the price of beads, gems, and more. Keep track of all costs and make estimated costs. Purchase the supplies from the wholesale market and buy them in bulk.

Keep entire track of time and costs

Keep track of all your time on the intricate designs along with the labor costs. It helps you establish profitability.

Calculate and determine the labor costs along with the material and packaging cost. If you have a long tracking record with expertise and a unique portfolio, then you can charge an additional price for your jewelry.

Calculate the retail price of the jewelry, which is more extensive. It would help if you also considered the overhead cost when pricing the jewelry pieces as they indirectly affect the overall cost of the jewelry.

Make sure to add traveling expenses, office supplies, plus tools utilized for jewelry making. Come up with the estimated overhead cost which applies to each of your jewelry items.


Avoid selling jewelry at lower prices

Don’t sell your jewelry at low prices, as people will take you for granted. The low prices of the jewelry show your less competitive artistry. So make sure to keep your costs adequately maintained.

Perform fundamental market research

Do the entire market research and evaluate the prices of all jewelry pieces. Check all prices and then compare them with different items.

Review the jewelry prices on stores and online sites to see the prices of jewelry they are selling. You can also connect with experienced designers or professional artisans regarding the estimation of jewelry prices.


Get connected with certified jewelers

Choose the certified jewelers in the market and get in touch with the appraiser so that they can tell you about the ultimate price and market value of the gemstones and diamonds. Get connected with the appraiser to compare the prices of jewelry in the auction market as well.

Are your jewelry pieces selling well in the market? Then increase the prices of your silver jewelry pieces. Continue making such products which are available in high quality attracting potential customers with reasonable prices.

Wholesale vs. Retail pricing of jewelry

When selling the jewelry in bulk in wholesale supplies, you must understand that you need to lower the prices while you can keep a pretty good profit margin for retail jewelry.

Pricing formulas for jewelry

There are specific formulas that you can consider for pricing the jewelry pieces. Try grabbing retail and wholesale prices in the development of your jewelry business because later on, it’s hard to track the process.

You cannot keep dual costs for your jewelry items like selling at affordable prices at an auction or shops while selling at retail prices at art shows.

When selling the jewelry at wholesale price, add up the following: overhead, labor, and supplies, then multiply it with 2. This gives you the total cost. However, for retails, add the exact prices but multiply it by 3 or 2.5, which provides you with a profit margin.


Variable factors that affect jewelry pricing

Certain factors also vary the price of selling jewelry. It’s essential to stay consistent with the prices as it’s challenging to maintain the costs of your accessories when going into the hands of your audience.

Whether you are selling jewelry in low town markets or the high-end ones, the prices should stay consistent.

Identify the hourly wage

You should also consider the formula to identify the hourly wage by considering annual overheads and dividing it with yearly profit. This tells you about how much you should charge for the hourly rates.

Pricing models usually say that you should charge around 2.5 times the packaging costs and the material and then add up the hourly wage, along with the incidental expenses and overhead costs.


Consider the demand of your customers

Customer satisfaction is the ultimate priority of any jewelry business owner. To identify the fact that your customers are giving value to the product.

If you sell the jewelry pieces at low prices, you are devaluing the skills of your craftsmen. This results in ignorance by the customers, and ultimately you’ll lose the potential clients.

Research the competitors

Other than researching the web, it would help if you researched different competitors in the market regarding jewelry pricing. It would be best to analyze their prices and evaluate the value of their products, which gives you a better idea regarding jewelry pricing.

You must feel like giving sales and discounts with low prices at the starting of your business, but this is not a good idea. It would help if you had ultimate confidence and trust while pricing the jewelry pieces to increase the company in the overall market.

Researching enables you to identify whether you are underpricing the jewelry pieces or not. Make sure to avoid copying competitive brands as this gives a false impression.

Final Verdict

Pricing the jewelry pieces is one of the trickiest tasks, but if you plan to run the jewelry business successfully, you should try these tips and tactics.

Starting your jewelry business is a challenging task which is why we have covered you guys to get rid of this issue and ultimately label your jewelry pieces with the accurate price range.

You must be impressed by the vast jewelry stores out there, but you need to start pricing the jewelry seriously if you want to succeed in terms of gaining profit and covering all the costs.

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