How to work on the gemstone selection

Have you finally come out of the rock you’ve been living in and have entered the world of gemstone selection? Choosing the right gemstone is without a doubt a difficult task. There are numerous amounts of gemstones in the world that would look incredible on jewelry. It solely depends on which one you want to choose for yourself. You might have a preference or might do things according to your horoscope.

If astrology is the case then that makes things a little easier. However, if you want to choose one depending upon your taste, you’ll have to consider some factors. Things like which gemstone would look good on you? What kind of gemstone would last the longest? Is it durable or not? These are the factors that would help you make your decision. A little backup research would go a long way. This is how you’ll conclude finding the best gemstone jewelry. But we haven’t considered another possibility yet.

Are you someone who’s looking for a gemstone gift for a loved one? If that’s the case then gemstone selection would be great if you found something meaningful. Nothing would speak of your relationship with that person other than jewelry especially one engraved with gemstones. Gemstones come with a lot of symbolism and meaning, it’s your job to find the one that suits them. How to work on the gemstone selection

How to work on the gemstone selection


What gemstone would suit you best

To determine which gemstone selection would suit you best, you need to be aware of all the options. You should know what kind of gemstones are there in the whole world. You first need to be clear about your choices, what type of gemstone would you prefer. There are two types of gemstones, precious and those that are half precious. Precious stones are rubies, diamonds, sparkly sapphires, and emeralds.

While half-precious are all those that are apart from these. However since these are semi-precious, you shouldn’t think they would be less expensive. There are several gemstones in this category that are incredibly rare to find and demand you to spend more money. This would put you in a pickle as spending such an amount of money might not be in your budget. Therefore we’d like to further read how you can get gemstones in your budget.


Staying in budget

If you’re someone who wants to stay within budget then you need to answer some crucial questions. You should ask yourself whether you want to get semi-precious or precious gemstones. Are you looking for something special like statement jewelry? Would you wear it every day? These are things that would determine the durability, quality, and usability of the gemstones and help in gemstone selection.

If you decide on semi-precious jewelry then you’ll easily be able to get stones like amethyst and turquoise. These stones would look wonderful on you as they bring in more color. Amethyst is a stone that goes through many heat treatments for you to intensify its color. Other than that many gemstones would come in this range and beauty.

These details should be given to you by the seller as they aren’t public knowledge. That way you’ll know if there’s something fishy about the gemstones. Other than this, if nothing seems to look good you can lean on precious gemstones as well. You’ll just have to compromise on the size.

This means you’ll have to buy gemstones in small sizes to stay on budget. If you come up with gemstones that are high in demand at a low price range, they might turn out to be fake. Don’t just buy them for their price, do some investigation as well.



Since quality is one of the most important features in jewelry, you need to make the gemstone has high quality. The best giveaway of quality is the color. If the coloring is right then the gemstone would certainly have great quality. If the depth is right of the tone of color then it has high quality. When you look at the color of the gemstone and you find the color saturation right as well then the gemstone must be legitimate.

Even the purity of hue is a dead giveaway of your stone’s quality. All these properties of color would help you determine if the gemstone is genuine or not. A gemstone with high quality is the perfect balance of light and dark which makes them the perfect gemstones.

Another factor that would help us understand the quality of the gemstone is its clarity. The clearer a gemstone is, the more good the quality is. However, you should also note that if a gemstone has some flaws then it must have not been treated.

Clear stones are extremely hard and very expensive as well, therefore you might have to compromise. Meaning you might even have to settle on gemstones that might be scuffed or flawed. They are appealing in their way as well as they increase the rawness of the stone.


Which is the perfect one?

If you want to determine which one is best for you, you need to consider some factors like its usage. If you’ll be wearing it in your hands or fingers, you need to get one of durable quality. Something that is hard and won’t break when it comes in contact with another hard surface. That way the durable stone would last a long time as well.

It would even be great if it has some kind of resistance against scratching. So be careful while you shop for a gemstone as you need to purchase one that is hard.


Have you finally gotten to know everything about gemstone selection? It’s great to bag this kind of knowledge as would help you in the long run. This information stays with you forever as you keep on practicing to select jewelry like this.

The more you shop for gemstones, the more you’ll be used to its practice. Once this continues, you’ll know what to expect next. Even your taste would progress as you go on finding such jewelry for yourself.

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