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Jewelry brands that you must follow

If you’re someone who loves jewelry, you must look for the right brands. Even if it’s not for you, getting jewelry from a great jewelry brand, makes a lovely gift. Be it special occasions like engagements or birthdays, you always have to be at the top of your game. This will help you find the perfect gift of all so it fulfills the purpose of the celebration.

Jewelry coming from well reputable brands last a long time. This way it usually becomes a memorable piece for you to remember the good times by. Spending hundreds of dollars on jewelry that isn’t durable at all makes it a poor choice as well.

This is where high-quality jewelry brands come into the picture. Always follow jewelry brands that have good quality pieces worth all the money you spent on them. We’ve gathered some of the best jewelry brands that you can follow in any way you can. Keep them in your mind on your next shopping trip!

Jewelry brands that you must follow

Best jewelry brands 

Be it literal following or Instagram, some jewelry brands are worth following around. They have that magnificence and brilliance that always attracts you to look for more. The best way you can be updated about such jewelry is by following them on a valid platform.

You can even visit the stores from time to time to see what kind of new stuff has surfaced lately. That way you won’t miss out on anything important added to the brand. Moreover, you would be able to purchase things for big celebrations like birthdays or engagement parties. We’ve got some of the best brands in the market for you to skim through. You’ll immediately be able to find great jewelry through it.

Some of the top brands include:

Jewelry brands


Mejuri is one of the most minimalistic yet classy jewelry brands in the whole world. Its sense of tradition mixed with the values of women truly gives it a nice touch. On the other hand, they do want women to shed the tradition of only purchasing jewelry on special occasions.

That way the brand truly inspires women to love themselves no matter what day it is. This way they’ll be able to let go of all their insecurities, by accepting their true self with open arms. Despite it being just eight years since the brand’s establishment, it has gained a lot of popularity.

From chunky bracelets to diamond chokers and ear climbers, the brand has come quite far. It should be at the top of your list of jewelry brands that you should follow. 

Jewelry brands

2.Tiffany and Co.

If you like luxurious jewelry brands more then we’d highly recommend Tiffany and co. It has passed all the struggles with flying colors and has become an amazingly famous brand of jewelry. Nearly anyone, even those indifferent towards jewelry would be able to recognize the blue logo.

A brand with master craftsmanship and a history of 200 years, you can’t resist such refined jewelry. You can never go wrong with this brand no matter how clueless you are about jewelry. Tiffany will always have your back, that’s why trust it to help you find whatever you’re looking for.

This luxury brand has a great reputation that has built the foundation for the jewelry industry. Many brands have been inspired by all the jewelry assortments developed by Tiffany and Co. It is urged them to build something breathtakingly magnificent of their own. It’s a brand that you trust with everything you have!

Jewelry brands

3.Stone and Strand

Stone and strand is another brand that has been established in recent years. It has had an amazing response from the public and has made many sales with its alluring jewelry pieces. The brand focuses on bridging the gap between luxurious jewelry brands with costume jewelry.

This helped them reach more and more audiences as not everyone can afford to purchase expensive jewelry. The brand also aimed for a more convenient approach where their jewelry is mostly of diamond and gold. This is because how the material is easy to wear all day every day without getting damaged.

Not only this, you can even sleep with it on without getting irritated with it. Small concerns like these lead the customer to make thoughtful decisions on jewelry purchasing. Nadine Kahani didn’t mess around while establishing this business venchor. She balanced out the needs and wants of jewelry enthusiasts and formed her amazing conclusions with it.

Jewelry brands

4.Tony Duquette

IF you’re a collector who loves jewelry, Tony duquette is the jewelry brand for you. It is manufactured with ultimately the best of everything. Its pieces are one of a kind and are made with high quality materials. Tony Duquette is a brand that you can easily follow and get up with. It makes minimalist yet alluring designs that aren’t all that luxurious but are great for everyday wear.

The pieces are so comfortable that you can add them to your daily collection of jewels. With the addition of brilliant colors and brightness, the shoes are some of the most carefully crafted jewelry made with absolution. You’ll do a double-take when you land your eyes on the extraordinaire that is these jewels. Tony Duquette is worth following as it’s launching pieces every other day and providing you the best of everything.


Jewelry brands are the best way one can easily attain the jewelry they want. It will last longer and won’t damage all that easily. It’s also wise to have many different brands at your disposal so you have many choices to look through when you’re finding the right footwear to wear.

It’s highly important to have this sort of convenience when you’re searching for the right jewelry. Right jewelry comes in many forms, you just have to make sure which ones you’d like for yourself. Jewelry brands will be the perfect source for you to go through these things.

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